COVID-19 Didn't Stop Us

COVID-19 Didn’t Stop Us

Dear Friend of Birth Choice:

We had such great expectations for 2020. We launched our Mobile Medical Unit into three West Tennessee counties that have very high abortion rates. We even ramped up our social media and advertising budgets so that we could reach more and more abortion-vulnerable women. Our Jackson and Gibson County clinics were busier than ever. But, like everyone else, 2020 threw us a curve ball.

COVID-19 quickly put us in the position of restructuring most of our operations at Birth Choice.  A good number of our Client Advocates and Nurses had to remain “safe at home” due to preexisting medical conditions, whether their own or those of their loved ones. Social distancing, wearing masks, and teleconferencing became the standard by which we had to readapt and restructure day-to-day operations. In other words, almost everything we normally do changed. In the middle of all this change, two other things loomed large before us: the loss of our Annual Fundraising Banquet as well as our Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign through our local supporting churches. These two fundraisers account for over 40% of our operating budget. Our holiday meat sales may also be affected due to meat shortages in the future.

While many other nonprofits and businesses applied for and received the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) funds, we decided not to for several reasons. While the Small Business Administration’s web site stated that the money would not have to be repaid, there was still an 800 page document that governed the use of the funds. There continues to be changes made to the original guidelines for money that has already been spent. In addition, Dave Ramsey advised against it and even said that it could be very dangerous. His advice was, “Why borrow money from the most unpredictable, changing and hostile organization known to us?”

Another reason is that while scripture doesn’t prohibit borrowing money, it does say that when you do, you become a servant to the lender. If there is any master we do NOT want to serve, it’s the federal government. The government will never commit to us that they will not try to alter what we do in our clinics, especially when it comes to telling people the truth about abortion and the truth about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We don’t stand in judgment for anyone who took the PPP funds; these are simply our convictions at Birth Choice.

With all that being said, in the next few days and over the next months we are going to be asking friends of Birth Choice to help us raise much needed financial support in several different ways. Recently we developed a Mother’s Day card promotion which will be followed up with a Father’s Day card promotion. Be on the look-out for other giving opportunities as well. In our communication to you during these very different times, please understand that we don’t expect you to participate in all the giving options we offer. Choose the ways that you can help and we will be very grateful. We are as convinced that the Lord will provide all of our needs as we are that we still have a responsibility to do the work He would have us to do. In fact, we want to do as the Iowa corn farmer did. He prayed for a good crop and said “amen” with his hoe.

Birth Choice hasn’t closed a single work day since this pandemic began. In fact, we saw more abortion- determined women change their minds and choose life compared to the same time period in the previous four years! Planned Parenthood, with the help of pro-abortion judges has not stopped and neither have we! We STILL have great expectations for 2020 because of the great God that we serve.

Serving Christ together,
Brent Lambert, Founder/CEO