Seven Things Gen Y and Gen Z Can Do to End Abortion

Seven Things Gen Y and Gen Z Can Do to End Abortion

I’m pro-life… So now what?

If you are like me and just starting out in the world, you may be on a budget. But that is no excuse to sit on your laurels and leave your parent’s generation to support the pro-life movement! There are seven things you can do to help end abortion that don’t cost any money.

The first thing you can do is realize that silence is not an option. God takes helping people seriously, and His version of religion is this: “to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27, NIV.

Second, the most important thing to do is pray. Pray for the hearts of moms and dads in our country and city, for lawmakers to stand for life, for church leaders to preach the truth. And pray for your local pregnancy center! Pray that God would show you how to spend your time and resources on this issue.

Third, know the truth. Like slavery, abortion is the defining moral issue of our time. You need to know why life matters and be able to talk to people about why you believe life begins at conception. You need to know some basic fetal development (e.g. heartbeat at three weeks) and stats on abortion in our country (e.g. 61 million aborted since 1973). This knowledge will help you not just share your beliefs with people, but strengthen your resolve to stand for life.

Fourth, vote pro-life. Your knowledge on this issue will help you when choosing who to vote for as well. Not all pro-lifers vote pro-life because they don’t agree with the other positions the pro-life candidates take. This is unfortunate because human life is greatly valued by God and is the most important thing we need to protect. If a candidate doesn’t respect life, will he ultimately respect anything else that is important to God?

Fifth, view pregnant women with compassion. When you act judgmental toward a woman who is pregnant out of wedlock, she likely won’t want to hear what you have to say about Jesus and her baby. We all need Jesus just as much as any other lost person. The thing to do is share Christ’s love! Also, the pro-choice side likes to stereotype pro-lifers as holier-than-thou and uncaring toward women. Let’s prove them wrong!

Sixth, view post-abortive women and men with compassion. If Jesus can forgive the people who unjustly crucified him, He can forgive a woman or man who chose to end the life of their child. Chances are they might be hurting or ashamed of their decision. They need to know they can still find hope and healing.

Seventh, view love from a Biblical perspective. What does this have to do with the life issue? Everything! We all know how babies come into the world. And God’s design is to have a loving mom and dad, married for a lifetime, care for the baby. When we promote a culture of purity, we prevent a lot of heartache and the thought of abortion rarely occurs.

Fellow millennials and Gen Z: when your grandchildren learn about abortion in their history books like we learned about slavery (hopefully abortion will be an antiquated idea by then), they might ask you, “What did you do to stop this evil?”

If they do, will you have an answer?

Tiffany Dawson loves her job as Director of Development at Birth Choice. Basically, she is the fundriaser and plans the events and manages social meda. Tiffany graduated from Union University in 2018 with a B.A. in Media Communications and was a member of Life 139, Union’s student pro-life organization. She has always had a heart for the pro-life cause but developed an interest in pregnancy help ministry in college as a marketing and communications intern at Care Net’s headquarters in Virginia.