Statement from Brent on Birth Choice’s Role

Many people have asked me this week about how the Supreme Court decision will affect Birth Choice. Most of those who asked thought that we would now have much less to do since abortion won’t be legally available in Tennessee. While we rejoice that 50-year-old prayers have been answered, Birth Choice now sits on the precipice of the greatest opportunities we’ve had in all of our 33+ years.

Last year we were able to reach enough abortion-determined women to help and encourage 147 women to give life to their 153 children (6 of those abortion-determined women were carrying twins). We now realize that with the new laws ending abortion in our state, we now have greater access to women who would usually bypass us and go directly to the abortion clinics in Memphis and Nashville.

The number of people now accessing our website for information is overwhelming. Just this past Monday we received a call from a woman in Tupelo who was upset because she can’t get an abortion and then a call from a woman whose appointment had been cancelled by an abortion clinic in Memphis. Today we had a woman whose boyfriend was pushing her hard to get an abortion that she didn’t want. The fact that she would now have to go out of state for that abortion gave her leverage to stand up against him.

What we realize is that most unwanted pregnancies in Tennessee have too long been managed by people whose sole intent was to profit financially by ending those pregnancies though abortion. We now feel a new day has dawned. Many more of those women with unplanned pregnancies are calling and coming to us and that number will only increase because now women need another option.

What a great opportunity for God’s people to rise up and serve men and women in difficult decisions and do so in the truth and grace of our Savior. They have been manipulated by evil far too long and now we, the Church, can shine. Not by looking down a self-righteous nose or arrogant attitude, but in love. Here at Birth Choice, we are meeting with staff and volunteers. We are brainstorming and seeking the Lord’s direction in how to serve the greater number of clients who are searching for our for help.

We realize that the number of people who used to easily access abortion no longer can. In turn, that will exponentially increase the numbers of those needing our help and we are planning to be ready for them. Our desire is to expand and grow this ministry to the point that if our abortion laws in Tennessee are replaced by liberal politicians someday, we would have effectively ministered and grown our community to love and appreciate life. And if we can do that, we can literally affect the outcome of an election, because people have become lovers of life as opposed to lovers of convenience and death.

Brent Lambert is the Founder and CEO of Birth Choice. Birth Choice has served over 20,000 women facing unplanned pregnancies in West Tennessee since 1989. Approximately 2,000 babies have been saved from abortion during that time.