Abortion: Why Gen Y and Gen Z Should Be Offended

Abortion: Why Gen Y and Gen Z Should Be Offended

I am a millennial. And I am offended. 

No surprise coming from a 24-year-old, right? My generation is often offended by petty things, but I am rightfully offended.  

I am offended because over a third of MY generation was murdered.* They were MY future classmates, friends, and coworkers. I am offended because everyday women in MY generation are told the lie that abortion is their “only answer.” I am offended because MY generation’s mothers were told that same lie.  

I am offended because abortionists and abortion clinic workers are fed the lie that they are helping women. 

I am offended that millions of post-abortive women in the U.S. struggle with their past decision to end the lives of their children while pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood, who promised them “Care. No Matter What,” act like these women don’t even exist.  

I am offended that while we rightly decry Holocaust deniers, WE point the finger at ourselves. WE are genocide deniers if we ignore the 1.5 billionaborted worldwide since 1980 – a group of people larger than the populations of China, North Korea, and Mongolia combined. 

I am offended because Jesus is offended. Don’t tell me Jesus was never offended. Read John’s account of Jesus whipping the money lenders out of the temple for defiling what was sacred. Jesus wasn’t just disappointed in those thieves. He was MAD! God is a God of love and of wrath. 

How do you think Jesus feels about people killing the little children He said could climb up on His lap? He formed those children in their mothers’ wombs the same way he formed King David according to Psalm 139

I am offended because I am compassionate. I care for the women who have the abortions and the doctors that perform them just as much as I care for the babies. I am offended because I want the lies, hurt, and devastation to stop. 

Fellow Gen Y’ers and Gen Z, be offended! Stand up for the right of the next generation to live in order to know Christ. 61 Million Americans never got that chance.

Next time we take a trip to Memphis with our friends, let’s pause to remember that the number of people aborted in the U.S. so far this year is greater than the population of that city. In fact, three abortion clinics in Memphis are destinations for women all over West TN who are told that abortion is their “only option.”

But by all means don’t just be offended. Watch out for another blog post in the next few weeks on ways YOU can make a difference for life in our country and community.  

* Pew Research: 66 million millennials born in U.S. between 1981 and 1998, a 17 year period.  Number of millennials aborted in US between 1981 and 1998: over 27 million, according to Guttmacher’s data. Of the 93 million people conceived between around 1980 and 1998, over 40% have been aborted.

Tiffany Dawson loves her job as Director of Development at Birth Choice. Basically, she is the fundriaser and plans the events and manages social meda. Tiffany graduated from Union University in 2018 with a B.A. in Media Communications and was a member of Life 139, Union’s student pro-life organization. She has always had a heart for the pro-life cause but developed an interest in pregnancy help ministry in college as a marketing and communications intern at Care Net’s headquarters in Virginia.