Sanctity of Human Life Month 2023

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month! After Roe v. Wade’s reversal and the outlawing of abortion in Tennessee, we recognize that the sanctity of human life remains the same. In fact, we are still seeing God save babies as we minister to women who plan to travel to another state to obtain an abortion. Below are resources to assist you as you speak to your congregation about topics like the sanctity of life, abortion, or after-abortion healing. To request a free Birth Choice speaker for your church, call Tiffany at 731-453-8159 or email

Spread the Word – Birth Choice’s Biggest Need

Pastors and church leaders, would you be willing to go a step further and announce to your congregation that we are in need of several volunteers? Our schedule has several gaps, meaning we are not serving as many clients as we could. We need to train 20 Client Advocates and 13 medical personnel for our Jackson, Gibson County, and Mobile Clinic locations. Our Client Advocates have the incredible opportunity to help women facing unplanned pregnancies who come to our clinics for help. They share the gospel, educate our clients on life-affirming options for their pregnancies, and share the truth about the child in the womb. Our medical personnel perform our free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds that introduce women to the precious babies in their wombs. All volunteers must be godly, Christian women with a passion for the preborn and helping other women in unplanned pregnancy situations. Medical personnel must hold an RN or RDMS degree. If you know of anyone interested, please email or call 731-453-8159.

Important Dates:

January 2023

Sanctity of Human Life Month

January 22

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

January 15-21

Sanctity of Human Life Week

Jan 15 - Feb 26

Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign in Counties served by our Mobile Unit – Fayette, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, and Henderson Counties.


We have several videos featuring stories from our own clients that you can share with your church! One of them is Leia’s Story. Click here for our entire YouTube playlist. For our Mobile Clinic video, click here. We also have a great ultrasound video of a 9-week baby saved from abortion. If you need a DVD to play the videos from, please contact Tiffany. We might be able to accommodate you.

Birth Choice Story and Fact Sheet

Share client stories and interesting facts about Birth Choice and abortion with your congregation!

Slide/Presentation Images

Insert these into presentations for a quick Sunday morning announcement about Sanctity of Life Month or to use in your sermon. Click an image to download. Fun fact: the baby in the slides is a Birth Choice baby!

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Tips on Talking About Life Issues

    • Don’t be afraid of controversy. Speak truth!
    • Be sensitive and line your message with Christ’s grace and forgiveness. According to Care Net, four out of 10 women were regularly attending church at the time of their abortion. You may have someone in your congregation who feels shame and guilt for a past abortion. Be sure to mention our after-abortion healing Bible study
    • When using numbers and statistics, use real-world examples to compare them so they make sense to your audience. 
    • Stay informed. Educate yourself. Click on the links below to learn more about the abortion issue.

Educating yourself on the abortion issue

Share with your congregation or small group