Walk for Life 2023

Saturday, September 30th, 9 AM, at West Jackson Baptist Church  |  #BCwalkforlife

Questions? Contact Tiffany | tiffany@birthchoice.us | (office) 731-453-8159

Celebrate God’s Goodness – Walk for Life!

Last year 140 precious babies were saved from abortion when people like you answered God’s call to partner with our mission.

Just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Register to walk. You can register as a family, register under a church, or create a walker team with your friends or church group.
  2. To get sponsors, ask friends, family, and acquaintances for pledges or donations. Use our sponsor form or share your fundraising page via social media, email, or text. If you need a sponsor form, please pick one up at our Jackson or Trenton offices!
  3. Check out our fundraising resources below.
  4. Turn in your pledges and donations at the walk!

God has been so good…and He’s given us a vision!

Birth Choice has been very busy over the past year with the expansion of our Jackson office, the purchase of our third Mobile Clinic, and the beginning of our social services department and early prenatal care program. God has given us a vision to keep finding new ways to help families considering abortion and to reach more hearts with the hope of the gospel and the truth about life in the womb. The need is right here, even after Roe v. Wade’s reversal. Many women in West Tennessee are still making abortion appointments out of state.

God is also calling people just like you to partner with Birth Choice to save lives. Will you join us in reaching as many women and men as possible before it’s too late?

Fundraising Resources

Social Media Posts

Click on the image to download it and then copy and paste the captions.

Suggested Caption:

I am Walking for LIFE to support Birth Choice this fall. Abortion is illegal in Tennessee, but women in our area are still considering abortion and can travel just over three hours away to get one in Illinois. Want to join me in the race to save babies from abortion and share Christ’s love with moms in need?

Please consider donating to my walk by clicking the link below! #BCwalkforlife

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Suggested Caption:

I’m Walking for LIFE because women are still seeking abortions out of state, even though abortion is no longer available in Tennessee. Women and men still need help for unplanned pregnancies and Birth Choice has plans to help our community more than ever! 

Please consider donating to my walk! #BCwalkforlife  [LINK]

Suggested Caption:

I am Walking for LIFE this year to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ in West TN. Will you join me in making an eternal difference? #BCwalkforlife

[your link here]

Stories to Share

When “Khloe” came to Birth Choice earlier this year, she was nervous. Her Client Advocate, Tammy, assured her that she was safe and in the right place! Khloe was undecided between abortion and parenting and had a lot of questions about abortion. She also seemed interested in the information about fetal development that Tammy gave her, and Tammy told her that God brought her to Birth Choice. Khloe also seemed interested when she saw all the mom and baby supplies in the resource room and smiled as she looked at the baby pictures on the wall. As Tammy hugged her goodbye, Khloe said, “I’m glad I came today.” Tammy called her a few days later and Khloe giggled as she told Tammy she chose life!

“Bailey” didn’t want an abortion, but sadly her parents did. She was a teen, and like most teens, she thought her parents could legally force her to have an abortion. We told her they cannot, and after hearing the information and support offered while talking with her Client Advocate, Bailey chose life. TC, our Director of Men’s Mentoring, talked with Bailey’s father, who came to the appointment. After seeing Bailey’s baby on ultrasound, the dad was on board with choosing life too! They left all smiles. As her Client Advocate followed up with her, we realized Bailey was still facing pressure to abort from her mom and the boyfriend’s mom. She is still steadfast in her choice of parenting and has a good support system with other family members, but please pray for Bailey as she walks this hard road.

Sample Text Message or Email:

Hey [friend’s name], I am walking for life to support Birth Choice this fall. Want to join me in the race to save babies from abortion and help women facing unplanned pregnancies?

You can donate at the link below! Thanks!

[your link here] 

Helpful Tips:

  1. Don’t know who to ask? Ask friends, family, coworkers, church family, neighbors, etc. Just regular folks who believe in our mission. If you are a student, ask professors or teachers, coaches, parents of friends, or church small group leaders.
  2. Don’t know how to ask? We highly recommend either asking in person or calling and asking people to donate. The personal touch goes a long way! Another good option is texting people a link to your fundraising page where they can easily donate online. You can share the link to your social media pages as well.
  3. Don’t know what to say? Use our social media graphics and sample email/text on our website.
  4. Branch out. In addition to faithful donors, ask people you have never asked before to sponsor you.
  5. Aim high! You never know how much people are willing to donate for life!
  6. Ask the highest donating sponsor to donate first. When people see how much previous sponsors donated, say, $100, they will likely put down a similar amount. If your first sponsor only donates $10, others will likely only donate that amount. Or, consider fundraising with two sponsor forms, one for higher donors and one for smaller donors.
  7. Cash donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and encouraged, but donations under $25 will not receive a receipt.
  8. Have fun!

Here are some helpful tips on who to ask from The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:





Put in your own $20 contribution



Ask your significant other for $20



Ask your mom or dad for $20



Ask a friend for $20



Ask your supervisor for $20



Ask a co-worker for $20



Ask a neighbor for $20



Ask another family member for $20



Ask another friend for $20



Ask a business owner for $20