Our Goal is to Raise $60,000.

Building Addition floorplan

The Reason We Are Expanding...

Birth Choice has always looked for new and innovative ways to intervene in the lives of preborn children who are destined for abortion. We continue to see increases in the number of children saved, setting a record of over 150 babies saved from abortion in 2021. The forward-thinking goals of our ministry led us to add a Mobile Medical Unit (a third clinic on wheels) in 2020, taking our services to three rural counties. In 2021 we purchased a second mobile unit to reach two additional counties. These two mobile units have not only expanded the areas we are now able to reach, but they have increased our overall effectiveness to save preborn children.

In one sense, our 33 year-old mission has remained the same as we continue to minister God’s truth in love to each and every mother and child, day in and day out. In another sense, however, the way we operate in our 4 clinics changes almost on a daily basis. It is our desire to be prepared to do anything and everything that God has called us to do to protect the lives of His preborn children and to spread the gospel.

Last year, our Founder and CEO, Brent Lambert, gave up his office to move into a storage shed located just behind the main office so that we could convert an existing room into a second ultrasound room. Ministry-wide we are now up to five ultrasound machines: two in Jackson, one in Trenton, and one on each of our Mobile Clinics. We also need additional spaces for an additional support room and for our parenting classes. The director of our two mobile units and our men’s ministry director are now sharing a small single space. We are definitely bursting at the seams!