"Change for Life" Baby Bottle Campaign

It’s bottle time! Every year, hundreds of churches around West Tennessee raise over $100,000 for our life-saving ministry. All the change adds up! Want to give online toward the bottle campaign? Click the button below!

2024 Campaign Dates

Winter Campaign: January 21 to March 3 (beginning on Sanctity of Life Sunday)

Covering counties served by the Mobile Clinics

Summer Campaign: May 12 to June 16 (Mother's Day to Father's Day)

Covering Madison, Gibson, and surrounding counties

Let Tiffany Dawson, our Director of Development, know if your church would like to participate again this year! Contact her at tiffany@birthchoice.us or 731-453-8159. 

How Does it Work?

The Baby Bottle Campaign is a fun way to get church members of all ages involved in the fight to defend life right here in West Tennessee. Someone from your church (the “bottle liaison”) will pick up baby bottles from the nearest Birth Choice office or pickup location and will bring them to church. Church members take home bottles, fill them with cash, change, or checks, and bring them back to church when full. People may also donate online at the button at this top of this page.

At the end of the campaign, the liaison will collect all the bottles and bring them back to the same location where they picked them up. Birth Choice will count the money and let your church know how much you raised! All funds support the Birth Choice ministry. You can read our FAQs on the campaign here.

One of our standard "baby bottles."
Feel free to display your bottles in a creative way!

Does Your Church Participate? If Not, Please Fill Out This Form:

Free Campaign Resources

We want to make running the bottle campaign in your church as easy as possible. Below, you will find downloadable resources and tips to make spreading the word within your congregation a breeze!

Slides/Presentation Images

If your church rotates through slides for Sunday morning announcements, you can just drag and drop one of these images into PowerPoint or another platform. Click on an image to download. 

16:9 Slide
16:9 Slide
4:3 Slide
4:3 Slide

Social Media Images

Feel free to use these on your social media pages, or drag and drop into an email or bulletin. Click on an image to download.


When you pick up your bottles, you will also receive one or more posters to hang up in your church. 

Table Sign

If you set up a “pickup and drop-off table” for your church’s baby bottles, be sure to include this “table sign” so people will know what it is about or donate online with the QR code. This sign will also be given to you when you pick up your bottles, but if you need another one, you may click on the image to download the PDF.


Below is a great video called “Designed by the Creator” by Playback Media that we have permission to make available to others. It could accompany a sermon or it could be a standalone video for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Feel free to download the video and share within your congregation. Please do not upload it to social media, YouTube, or any other streaming platform.

We also have several YouTube videos featuring stories from our own clients that you can share with your church! Click here for our “client stories” YouTube playlist.

Birth Choice Story and Fact Sheet

Share client stories and interesting facts about Birth Choice with your congregation!

Tips for Promoting the Campaign in Your Church

  • Set up a table with bottles in a high traffic area for people to pick up and return. Be sure to include the “table sign” so people will know what it is about or donate online with the QR code.
  • Make a quick Sunday morning or Wednesday night announcement to the congregation to pick up and return bottles (use our slide images for PowerPoint or another platform – just drag and drop!). An announcement to return bottles will be helpful the Sunday before the campaign ends. Be sure to share some of our stats and stories to inspire your church members!
  • Have small group leaders make quick announcements to their small groups
  • Show one of our videos about the sanctity of human life or about Birth Choice
  • Put an announcement in the bulletin (you can put one of our images in the bulletin as well!)
  • Hang our posters
  • Email your church members about the campaign (feel free to use our images!)
  • Post our free images on your church’s social media
  • Make it fun! Some churches hold contests between husbands and wives or youth contests between boys and girls to see who can raise the most or fill the most bottles. Feel free to get creative.