Mobile Clinic

Our Mobile Medical Unit, Evangeline, has arrived! We began operating our Save the Storks bus in March, bringing free pregnancy testing and ultrasound to abortion-vulnerable women in Hardeman, Haywood, and Fayette Counties. Save the Storks says that 4 out of 5 women who get on their Stork Buses, after being fully informed, choose life! 

Since June we have seen dozens of clients on our Mobile Clinic. About 75% of abortion-minded women will choose life after coming to Birth Choice and seeing their babies on ultrasound. In fact, 140 babies were saved from abortion at all our clinic locations in 2020 because of God’s work through this ministry.

We are stationed in Brownsville on Tuesdays, Somerville on Wednesdays, and Bolivar on Thursdays. We just expanded our ministry to Lexington on Mondays and Savannah on Fridays. Anyone wanting to make an appointment can call 731-664-8443.

For information on volunteering on the bus, please email our Mobile Clinic Director, Katy Simpson, at For more information on supporting our bus operations or informational materials to share with your congregation, email or call 731-453-8159

For years we have seen multiple women from the Lexington area travel all the way to Jackson to receive help. Now we are heading there to meet them where they are. Additionally, we have felt the Lord press upon our hearts the need to travel to Savannah where there is no pregnancy ministry within 30 minutes of driving distance. Hardeman, Haywood, and Fayette Counties, where we currently serve, have some of the highest abortion rates in all 95 counties in Tennessee, ranking numbers three, four, and five, respectively, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. 

Watch the video above to learn more.

Mobile Unit Inside
Mobile Unit in Brownsville
Inside the Mobile Unit