Client Needs

We accept many new and gently used items! Please note we are unable to accept used car seats, used bottles, or used breast pumps. We also do not take baby powder. Thanks to generosity throughout the community we generally have more than enough of many of the acceptable items below, but our needs vary by month. If you are planning to purchase items for our “boutique,” please contact us ahead of time. 
Here are some items our clients commonly need: 
  • Perishable items such as diapers, wipes, Similac formula, baby food, baby wash and baby lotion, etc.
  • Baby items for infants through 2T such as clothing, bath products, safety items, toys, bedding, etc.
  • Baby equipment such as baby beds, strollers, high chairs, bassinets, baby bath tubs, potty chairs, etc.
  • Trendy, modern maternity clothes

Moms and dads in both our ESTHER Program and the Fatherhood Program have the opportunity to earn ‘Mommy Money’ and ‘Daddy Dollars’. This ‘money’ may then be used to ‘purchase’ needed maternity and baby items from our resource rooms at our Jackson and Gibson County offices.